Games to play with dinosaur toys!

How many times, have you wondered “how can I play with my kids something that they will enjoy and not get bored after 15 minutes”? It is pretty usual for all parents.. I will try to help with this article! Here you will find some fun toy dinosaur ideas that are a mess free. Toy dinosaurs, or dinosaur figures, are such a versatile toy with endless possibilities for games.


‘Which Dinosaur is missing?’ Game

Place all of the toy dinosaurs onto a tray, and give your child a few minutes to look carefully and remember all of the dinosaurs. Then, cover with a cloth and ask them to close their eyes while you remove one or two dinosaurs. Once you uncover the cloth, can they recognize which dinosaur is missing?


Bag Dinosaurs

Place a toy dinosaur into a cloth bag, or any opaque bag so that the children cannot see inside. Let them use their hands inside the bag to describe the dinosaur based on their feeling of touch, and see if they are able to identify which type of dinosaur it is.


Dinosaur Portraits

Combine your dinosaur figures with colored pencils and crayons to set up a dinosaur themed still life invitation to create.


Dinosaur Guess Who

Set all of the dinosaurs out in a line, and one player picks a dinosaur but doesn’t say which dinosaur they have in mind. The other player asks questions about the dinosaur like can it fly? Does it stand on 2 legs or 4 legs? Is it green / blue? Is it a carnivore or herbivore etc – Until they can work out which is the right dinosaur.


Dinosaurs with books and play mats

Combining toy dinosaurs with dinosaur books can extend the play and fun of both items. Use the figures to act out stories, match them up to the same types of dinosaur within the book, or use the pictures as a backdrop for the dinosaur figures to play.


Free Play

Of course, you can’t forget the importance of free play with this type of toy. Left to their own devices, children will come up with endless amounts of fun games and uses for their little dinosaur friends!


Source: https://intheplayroom.co.uk

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