Dinosaur Track Stamps

Wintertime is here and we have to make up our minds how to spend quality time with our little ones. Here is my proposal for this week.

Crafts delight kids all over the world so we found this very fun and educational project for our dinosaur-loving kids!

Supplies:  cardboard pieces, sponges, scissors, hot glue gun, ink, and card stock

Animal Track Stamps

Step one:  We spent time choosing which dinosaur tracks we want to make!

Step two:  Cut pieces of cardboard into 4 x 4 squares or larger.

Step three:  With supervision, cut the shapes of the tracks from the sponges.  It may help to trace it onto the sponges first.  The tracks may or may not look exactly like the dinosaur portrayed 😉

Animal Track Stamps


Step four:  Glue onto the cardboard and begin letting your child dip them in ink.

Step five:  Make tracks all over the card stock.  Then we wrote down what type of animal corresponded to the tracks. Enjoy and have a nice evening with your kiddo!

Animal Track Stamps


Source: https://www.greenkidcrafts.com

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